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Some questions on how to develop film industry in your country?

I am certain any government and businesses estimate highly the perspectives of the industry, believing that films can play a catalyst roll in the economy in general. They also realize that political agendas are not a venue in the film industry, if so it would get a poor start. Motion pictures certainly are the best brand-developing tool that a country can have.

These questions are important, and I hope you give them serious consideration.

1. In your opinion, how is the film industry doing in your country?

2. Where do you think your countries motion picture industry can be in 3 years?

3. Caution for doing things differently is always welcome, but are we afraid to approach potentially greater success with proven principles, because maybe most of us don't have experience with it?

4. I know that this success that I am talking about does not come by doing it alone. Can we accept our competitors as neighboring countries and firms in your country to be successful with us rather then trying to compete with them?

5. How do we feel about learning from the major film industry in Los Angeles?
Are we willing to learn also the business, not just the craft?

6. My understanding is that we look for government funding rather then private or bank financing for our pictures. What is your view on changing part of it to the bank financing?

7. Do you believe that small countries like Estonia should come out of hiding and approach the industry?

8. I would also like you to express your opinion on the producing possibilities presented in this site.

9. There’s nothing greater then to be able to do what you know. Someone wiser then me said well: “If to do was as easy as to know what to do?”, but I believe that there is a great resource of skilled individuals who look at all countries and their representatives from outside, and are willing to give you a chance. Do you believe that they give you a chance? Why would they care?

10. Walt Disney said, “It is fun doing the impossible”. What he did was truly considered impossible at the time, yet he had fun with it. Disney had an enormous team of people whom to trust, and also to learn from. He also must of been surrounded with the behavior of buzz, flattery, greed and clutching of the collective conciseness that is natural characteristic to go along with the show business. Even in your country -- to be able to do the job well the artist’s vainglory must be replaced with pith and savvy work. The question for us is, how do we break out of being a province and start doing more great work in your area. If it is about getting a prize, then it is not worth doing it. But you probably get the prize if you make it out of love for others. To end the discussion, I can only hope that there is a reason to discuss this matter further. Is there a reason for a further discussion? If you answer yes, then please explain why?

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Thank you for your time to participate in this survey.