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Film Distributors Get Sneak Peak of 'King Kong'

Universal has flown 200 film distributors from all over the world to Wellington, NZ to preview some of the scenes from Peter Jackson's remake of King Kong. According to the New Zealand Press Association, the distributors were flown in in two groups, one of which arrived last Sunday and has already left. A second group will remain through the weekend. The presentation begins with a filmed statement by Jackson in which he says, "We are still filming it. The film's coming out in December and believe me, there's a huge amount of work still to be done." Persons attending the screenings said that they were barred from discussing it by confidentiality agreements. The NZPA said that each person arriving for the screening at Camperdown Studios was asked to hand over any cameras or photographic equipment.
2005-04-10 01:19:02