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Imax brings 3-D tech into 21st century

A 3-D revival is under way. Today, as international distributors gather at ShoWest 2005 in Las Vegas, Imax Corp. plans to announce its new 3-D live action technology at the convention. Considered a killer app for the company, the technology makes it possible to convert any 2-D 35mm film for Imax's large-screen 3-D environment. During the course of the convention, 3-D-related discussions and announcements also are expected from George Lucas, James Cameron, Mann Theatres and Texas Instruments. "Going into ShoWest this year we all thought the major theme would be movie piracy," said Ted Costas, Inter-Society president and director of production services at Dolby Laboratories. "Now it looks like there will be a big focus on exhibiting in digital 3-D." (Sheigh Crabtree and Nicole Sperling)
2005-04-10 01:17:42