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Mena Suvari Snubs High School Films

Hollywood actress Mena Suvari is refusing to star in anymore immature "high school" movies. The sexy 25-year-old actress - who has previously starred in teenage comedies like American Pie, Loser and Sugar And Spice - is now snubbing the film genre that propelled her to stardom. She says, "I try to take advantage of my looks, and there's always a demand for younger parts. There's a limit though and I've reached it. I don't want to do those high school things anymore. Its not something I'm looking for." 2005 releases for the Estonia rooted Suvari are: Nailed Right In (2005) (filming) Domino (2005) (filming), Rumor Has It (2005) (filming), Annie Beauty Shop (2005) (completed).
2004-12-30 13:31:11