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Kazaa Owners To Be Revealed, Says Report

The actual owners of the company that makes the software for the Kazaa peer-to-peer network, used to download millions of movies, CDs, and other software, are expected to be identified during a trial currently underway in Brisbane, Australia, Wired magazine reported on its website Monday. Although registered in the tax haven of Vanuatu, where the principals of corporations need not be disclosed, Sharman Networks, which developed and distributes the Kazaa software, is based in Sydney, Australia. According to Wired, which cited an unnamed music industry insider, it will be alleged that Nikki Hemming, the CEO of Sharman, and Kevin Bermeister, the CEO of Brilliant Digital Entertainment and Altnet, own and control the company. The lawsuit, which charges copyright infringement and conspiracy, was filed by the major record labels. In its report, Wired commented: "If the recording industry can prove its case, Kazaa could be history."
2004-12-20 10:51:37