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As the investors terminology has started to use the semiotics of fantasy, we propose the thedragon (thesaurus). ***** THE MEGALITH - larger than life, enormous, goal to reach. When it has landed, it is there to stay. *** THE SLAYER OF DRAGONS - WRANGLER's the dragons, has no fear to do what is right in THE UNIVERSE. *** ALCHEMY - Mystery, magic, is a must have. *** OROBOR - eating it's tail, self devouring, doomed to bankruptcy. *** DRAGON-CROW - cleaner, eliminating the leftovers, a spy of Orobor. *** CITY OF SWAN BONES - pure alchemy, uncomprehencible bliss as mirage, having come about by men protecting The Egg but are sacrificed by women for wealth. *** SWAN - Pulling along the sun, source of cosmic eggs, BRINGER OF PLENTY. The mother/father. *** THE PRINCE - a HERO to come about by major pain, learning from big mistakes. *** NORN - Subject of manipulation by Orobor, a believer of evil, TRAITOR, when allowed a creator of dark corporate destiny. *** WELL OF TEARS - a place of sacrifice, torture, humiliation, brought by Orobor and Norns' greed, to submit all unless the PRINCE saves the day. *** GOLDEN APPLES - fruit from the tree of HESPEREDIANS, a prize and a token to have the qualification and right to battle Orobor. *** HADES - testing ground for patience and commitment, the development hell, the self sacrifice to be resurrected from. The lost funds to recover. *** TALL-INN (TallInn) - THE FORT noticed by all - The "mecca" for investors, the new gold, "American Dream." *** ULTIMA THULE - The uttermost north, a mythological island of Norns, and their hidden secrets for opening The Gate of Aasa. *** ALL THING - The ultimate marketplace, festival, and governing assembly. *** THE TREE - A mystical ash, oak, pine bridging at ALL THING with DRAGONS *** THE GATE - The comprehension, the quintessence, a transformation, when you have it all, but you need none of it. ****** Some usage: ***** Fantasy lore: "THUNDER LIZARDS": Will this investment be our DRAGON? (Source at the link below) *** Do we have a "Unicorn", a MYTHICAL ANIMAL, in the pipeline? *** UNICORN is a good investment but DRAGON is even better. *** Do we have an "agreement between the entrepreneurs and investors that this DRAGON is creating a FANTASY that we collectively believe?" *** Does our DRAGON express wholeness, integrity, commitment, resourcefulness and scaling discipline. *** Does our WRANGLERS' team have a bond and a sense of brotherhood and common mission? *** How do we validate demand, customer behavior and growth models for the DRAGON-EGGS? *** What is the secret insights that very few have, to INCUBATE THE EGGS, before competition appears? *** THUNDER LIZARDS doing alchemy, being so great in the magical act of wealth creation its almost unfair? *** Are we alchemists, as ALCHEMY is extremely helpful in creating the MAGICAL upward spiral? *** Rule the market, our LEAN DRAGON will emerge as a category king? (Source at the link below) *** Destined to be THE MEGALITH in a market that is vast, surfing a huge wave? *** DRAGON SLAYERS often fail to quantify and validate their traction and product-market fit. They need to build and bring and highlight the proof. *** Raising capital isn't an act of FANTASTICAL storytelling, it's about gathering evidence and proving your company is the fantasy you believe it is. *** "A UNICORN is a great company. A DRAGON is a great investment," *** FANTASY LAND - La La Land - fantasy life in Hollywood - generalized to an attitude. *** FANTASY - "Not recommended for people who want to live in fantasy land". (Source at the link below) *** The Megalith, The Slayer of Dragons - MOTION PICTURE STILL IN HADES - https://www.facebook.com/TheMegalith/ **** https://www.facebook.com/notes/the-megalith-the-slayer-of-dragons/fantasy-thedragon-for-finance-and-investment-professionals/1322286104566758/ ****
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