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Finland Setting the Pace in Northern Europe in Producing the Iron Sky Franchise With China

Finnish director Timo Vuorensola, known around the world for his Nazis on the Moon movie, Iron Sky, is already working on a third chapter called Iron Sky The Ark. The second chapter in the series, The Coming Race, is currently in post. Iron Sky: The Ark is a new instalment in the Iron Sky franchise. The Ark was announced 13th of Feb. at Efm in Berlin. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6142094/news?ref_=tt_nwr_3 *** China Film Corp. has come on board European sci-fi franchise movie as a major partner. It will co-finance, co-produce and take Chinese distribution rights. *** The film is set to go into production this year – and shoot in Beijing – ahead of a planned release in 2018. The budget is indicated as $25 million. *** The film had already been set up as a China-Finland partnership last year when Shanghai Jiabo Culture Development Culture came on board in mid 2016. At the time they promised that there would also be a major Chinese distributor joining them. *** Producers now describe the film as a China-Finland-Canada co-production between CFC, Jiabo and Iron Sky Universe, in association with Pan Pan Pictures and Longevity International Enterprises. *** http://variety.com/2017/film/asia/berlinale-china-film-boards-european-sci-fi-iron-sky-the-ark-1201986576/ *** China Film Corporation Limited, Jiabo Culture Development Co. Ltd, Iron Sky Universe are producing in association with Pan Pan Pictures Co Ltd and Longevity International Enterprises Ltd the Chinese-Finnish-Canadian co-production "Iron Sky: The Ark." *** The film is expected to be shot in autumn 2017 in Beijing with a budget of US$25 million, and will be directed by Timo Vuorensola, who directed both "Iron Sky" and its sequel "Iron Sky The Coming Race." Dalan Musson wrote the screenplay with Max Wang (Wang Weimin), Timo Vuorensola and Hongyang Yu. Max Wang, Tero Kaukomaa and May He are producing. The cast will be announced soon. *** "Iron Sky: The Ark" is a new installment in the Iron Sky franchise and tells the story from a Chinas angle. The visual effects will be produced by the Oscar-winning VFX house Pixomondo, according to its release. *** "It's a great pleasure to get to work with the booming Chinese film market on a fun and clever science-fiction action script," director Timo Vuorensola said. *** It's China's turn to save the world as says screen writer and producer Max Wang said. Wang was producer on French director Jean-Jacques Annaud's "Wolf Totem" in 2015, which grossed over US$110 million at the Chinese box office. *** He has crafted the script for "Iron Sky 3" over two and half years. He revealed that most scenes will be shot in China and that Chinese will play the leading characters. Moreover, China's ancient myth legends will be retold in the modern sci-fi, with classic characters and elements appearing in the film, such as Chang'e, the Chinese goddess in the moon, and Houyi, the mythological Chinese archer. *** Wang believed that 2017 will be the real Year One for Chinese science fiction movie. "We have to do genre innovation to improve the Chinese film industry and films' qualities." *** Iron Sky is one of a new wave of productions produced in collaboration with an on-line community of film enthusiasts, creating participatory cinema. Its sequel "Iron Sky The Coming Race," starring Lara Rossi, Tom Green, Julia Dietze, Vladimir Burlakov and Udo Kier, will be released in 2017, and the project was funded by the Finnish Film Foundation and Medienboard Berlin-Brandenbur, as well as partially funded by fans through various crowdfunding campaigns. *** http://www.china.org.cn/arts/2017-02/17/content_40306507.htm The Ark was announced bankrolling with Chinese money and talent to the tune of $25 million. *** CHINA FILM CO. LTD. JOINS IRON SKY: THE ARK China Film Corporation Limited , Jiabo Culture Development Co. Ltd, Iron Sky Universe are producing in association with Pan Pan Pictures Co Ltd and Longevity International Enterprises Ltd the Chinese-Finnish-Canadian co -production "Iron Sky: The Ark". *** Tero Kaukomaa (Iron Sky, Jade Warrior) and May He are producing. *** Mr. Xianqiang Song, Chairman of Jiabo Culture Development Co. Ltd comments on the production, "Film making is all about team work, Jiabo is honored to team up with China Film Co. Ltd. and filmmakers from Europe, North America, to deliver together a true international production for a world audience." *** It's a great pleasure to get to work with the booming Chinese film market, on a fun and clever science fiction action script, director Timo Vuorensola says. *** We're looking forward to sharing the Iron Sky franchise with the Chinese audience, producer Kaukomaa says. "The Ark" is a major step for us in our global mission. *** Producer May He of Canada is rich in experience on international film cooperation in China market, "If you are looking for the formula of successful international film production and distribution for the Chinese market, you shall then follow and watch "Iron Sky: The Ark" in the cinema. Ms. He concludes confidently. *** http://screenanarchy.com/2017/02/iron-sky-the-ark---third-installment-announced-with-teaser-trailer.html
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