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Torrent Offering "The Megalith" for Download During Its Development

After IMDB released in December The Megalith data, stating it being "announced", there have been some extraordinary activities. Visits to the production company site have been tripled and the site has been hacked. Nothing seems to be damaged, but 50 news articles that administrator has not posted have appeared on the site. -- It is unclear if the torrent marketer has damaged the motion picture by posting the false torrent ad and download link for the movie. It could be treated as product placement for the movie while they advertise their service. The torrent fake offer of our content in development is found now also on The Megalith facebook page www.facebook.com/TheMegalith . Their strategy seems like out of a book - "Internet marketing 2016: quick & dirty online marketing strategies to get tons of traffic". -- The marketeer has no fear of majors like Warner Bros., who's logo they use in the ad. It is ambiguous if Welcome Entertainment, LLC has any harm of this, or is it rather the opposite. Nevertheless, this is unjust behavior of the torrent marketeer. Today the appearing of a hit film in torrents is a matter of hours after you have broadcast the program or feature digitally over the web. The Megalith link leads to download "The Matrix" instead. There is no guarantee that in some other campaign they wouldn't use Welcome's name, to boost the brand of their free service, making us look like a fraud. -- This leads us to map out a strategy to protect The Megalith from being in the torrents once the production completes. One might think that by creating plenty of false torrent links to muddy the water may work. Yet no point to get your hopes up, I assume the hive mind will get past any obstacle if they really want it. Better strategy is to use them, which Welcome is probably eventually going to have to do as well. -- By Jaanus Silla -- good read - "Defending the Brand: Aggressive Strategies for Protecting Your Brand in the Online Arena" – by Brian H. Murray
2017-01-06 14:07:46