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Filming Rebates, Incentives, Locations, and Conditions in Estonia

Estonia has up to 30% cash rebate with 1m Eur budgeted for the 2017 fund, and roughly 30% saving on costs compared to neighboring Scandinavia. Filmestonia.ee/cash_rebate, tallinnfilmstudios.ee/en, and filmi.ee/en are the main sources of data, which are not yet found on thelocationguide.com as are Iceland's Truenorth or UK's Pinewood Studios. To comprehend the possibilities in Estonia producer should view slides 15-24 of this presentation https://www.dropbox.com/s/uujqtt7uly7jr3o/Silverville%20Studios%20-%20L.pdf?dl=0 . For more detail to put together the whole picture they should see the 3 links above and they should be able to discover which film work is best suitable for completing in Estonia.
2017-01-06 13:47:12