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It is complicated to get major features made and globally distributed. With this contest we will discover if it is as savvy to CRISPR a dragon of fantasy as it is to make a movie. * To get the partnership with The Megalith, The Slayer of Dragons, there must be at least two competitors and one real live dragon, horrid enough to be chosen by us, to appear in the motion picture. * Jury is combined by the time the film goes in to production. Candidates can be presented while the film is still in principal photography and the creatures can be filmed as part of the story. Dr. George Church, a Harvard scientist, will be invited to head the competition and Dr. Craig Venter (Human Genome Project) will announce the prize and the winner. * The crispred dragon is used for the movie marketing campaign, and the feature is to promote the popularity of the animals, it is one of several merchandising medium tie-ins for the motion picture, therefore the genetic engineers must present documentation that their dragons are harmless and allowed in peoples' homes as pets. * It is of great value that everyone could participate, and we plan to commence development shortly, by which time there should be CRISPR kits also available at your nearby convenience store to be able to do gene cutting at home. * There is every reason to participate because the general movie going public will also get a chance to choose their favorite and name the cute pet to be available in most pet-shops around the world. * News source: https://www.facebook.com/TheMegalith * Producer contact: www.quicksummer.com * More on the genetic possibility: http://www.redorbit.com/news/science/1113411850/crispr-gene-editing-tool-could-theoretically-create-real-life-dragons-and-unicorns-010516/
2016-01-17 13:04:50