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Estonia and Taska ≈ Low Expenses + Efficiency: Sais Russian Film Poducer

Why the production of the feature is placed in Estonia is explained to "Elu 24" by the youth targeted horror thriller "Phobos" producer Fyodor Bondarchuk. "We decided during the crisis to optimize our costs, and move our principal photography to the pavilions located in Tallinn. It is less expensive to shoot in Estonia, also the work ethic of Estonians is more efficient. This way we were able to take our budget to the bare minimum, and avoid unnecessary costs. Meanwhile I was helped by Estonian gentlemen, with whom we have a long and warm friendship." Bondarchuk said that he does not rule out further co-productions with Kris Taska. "Why not, but lets see first how this project will turn out." During the interview the acclaimed director / producer mistakes Estonians for Fins for a moment, but noticed the fault and corrected himself quickly. "At the first screening of "Phobos" the people associated with Russian film industry talk that investors' money "melts" by very strange channels. A lot goes for bribes, and part of it is just stolen. This also explains the work on "Phobos" it is 50/50 Estonian / Russian co-production. It was shot in Estonia, and post-production was done in Moscow." Original story in Estonian by Hendrik Alla: http://www.elu24.ee/?id=241650
2010-03-26 15:52:06