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Bollywood explores Poland and is welcome to Estonia

Kajol and Suniel Shetty are busy shooting in the Poland winter, the scene for Bollywood looks bright in this east European country. Yash Raj Films have selected a beautiful hill station at the slopes of the Tatar mountains, Zakopane, 400 km away from here in the south of Poland, to shoot the action scenes for the Kunal Kohli-directed Fanaah as the story is related to the background of Kashmir. "I am happy that an Indian film company has decided to shoot in Poland. I do hope more and more Indian film crews will come to shoot in the spring and summer months when parts of the Poland landscape is as beautiful as some parts of Switzerland," Indian Ambassador Anil Wadhwa said. Actor-cum-politician Vinod Khanna said last year that Poland was a suitable destination for Bollywood filmmakers and he would persuade fellow Indian producers to shoot there. "At the same time the cost of labour in Poland is much cheaper than anywhere in Europe," he had added. But they wouldnt doubt the competition from other countries like Estonia, that have set up competitive crews, and have many advantages for shooting there. http://www.filmestonia.com/index.php?page=30&&PHPSESSID=d5874f72a644f1c034ef7a74184ba06c
2006-02-11 15:12:25