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Jaanus Silla

2014-04-04 19:16:30

Idea, Title, and Logline Competition, $500-50k reward potential

With posting your original idea for a globally marketable motion picture here, on our website, you give us every right to produce a movie based on your writing. Knowing that good ideas are not free as air, for your 10 minutes of brain-storming, and entering the idea, the effort is rewarded with 0,0005% of the film's budget when/if the film is completed.

$20m budget film = $10000 reward
$70m budget film = $35000 reward

Ideas larger then life, something that has to be seen, you empower us and we get the distributors on their toes.

An example:

THE MEGALITH - The Gate of Aasa, Quenby, and The Journey of The Prince, The Slayer of Dragons

Death and destruction rules the kingdom of a young prince. His quest to redeem his people, uncovers his father’s dark secret, that in order to spare the Prince at birth, the King gave a young girl to a fiend ruling the netherworld. Discovering the Kingdom’s liberty is linked with the enslaved girls freedom, the Prince sets out to destroy the Beast, rescue the girl and restore his peoples’ freedom. http://www.quicksummer.com/?topic=87

PS. We are not responsible for someone else finding your ideas on our site.

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