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Tom Grant

2005-01-25 15:55:32

David Snowman in Guantanamo

Frank and Wendy ‘Hungerburger’ [2003]
David Snowman
Eesti Joonisfilm Studio
C. Television Series for Adults
The world around the super-agents is filled with black humor, surrealism and the absurd.
David Snowman was born in 1956 in Birmingham. Son of the famous Edward Snowman – the head of the Snowman Corporation. He studied law, macroeconomics and cultural anthropology at Oxford. After a successful career in economics he became involved in literature. He has published a collection of poetry called Bacon, two novels and a science fiction book “Multi-national corporations Invading Eastern Europe.” Shortly after completing the TV series Frank and Wendy David was arrested and sent to the Guantanamo army base. Because of this tragic fact he is being represented at various festivals by: Priit Pärn, Priit Tender, Kaspar Jancis or Ülo Pikkov.

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