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Jaanus Silla

2004-06-22 21:02:19

Sceamers - a crime?!

What would be the best way to determent a sceamer? One is cretin: When I am told, " pay me a small retainer about 10k USD and I find you the $ ,5 - 1 kk development money needed, there is got to be something wrong." This person plans theft, and has probably done it before. For a start we could post then all here, but this would probably get me in trouble, what do you recommend?

Tom Grant

2004-10-18 23:32:29

They do anything to get what they wont

There is a lot of them out there, just think, if it isn't an attorney or publisher where upfront payment is normal, then you may be dealing with a dishonest person. This happened to me once when a prospective broker brought along a beauty queen to manipulate me to pay him the retainer. I didn't go for it but the danger is there as they use some slick language and try to flatter with the names of famous people they know.

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