Quicksummer Entertainment LLC

Questions you should be asking first

Is it generally possible to …

…be successful without a grip on the English language? -- No

…to distribute pictures world-wide independently from the major U.S. or global studios? – No

…yield a return to cover production costs from films that have no distribution commitment arranged during development? – No

…achieve global success without an office in the center of the industry? – No

…start with a smaller development budget then $1 mil USD and stay on top? -- No

…develop motion pictures inside the industry system one at a time? – No

…commit to a new company a seasoned team of LA. film-industry executives -- Yes

…attach major acting talent with a project rooted from outside the U.S.? – Yes

…to maintain a good standing in the industry, by being skilled, yet newcomers connected to a small country? – Yes

…to avoid the risks of the development phase? – No

…to be successful, earning sufficient returns from films produced when following the industry pattern? -- Yes