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Minor Split Rights

Split rights possibilities for small countries and companies

The split rights transactions for motion picture production are contract based non-partnership commitments to finance 50% to 60% of the films’ production, which is divided between 4-7 of the major foreign territories. The split rights transactions for motion picture development are set up by the same principle, but financing 100% of development. This makes it possible for smaller countries and entities to participate in the film financing.

As during the production financing with split rights countries operate together putting up as done before: Jap 15%, Germ 15%, UK 12%, Fra 12% of the production budget on every picture from the package of 600 000 000 USD amount made available for that purpose. From that amount they can make 10 - 30 major pictures. When the producer, who organizes the work goes with the four countries joint 54% to the studio for production he/she is not turned away as it would of happened with one country approaching with 12-15%. By operating together the major foreign territories have clout and benefit the industry as well their own businesses. It would not be feasible for smaller countries to put up such money or possible or practical for producer to involve many small countries or businesses to invest in films production budget, as it is about 20 - 60 000 000 USD amount for one film.

Smaller countries may have even more vital roll in the industry - development financing, and also participate in picture earnings in the backend. Motion picture development is never to be underestimated, without it there wouldn’t be any great films made. The amounts needed are much smaller, and return on capital quicker, perhaps the same principle applies as with the small cap funds, where the return is greater as are the risks. It is common to develop a package of 3 films for 1 000 000 USD which you may view in our business plan as activities and cashflow projections. For five countries it would not be hard to put up 200 000 USD each, for more participants, but no more then ten, it would be even easier. This may be a grand way for countries or businesses to collaborate and suggest to bring to the big screen stories they admire and value, yet have not had it in their realm to produce.

If you are undecided we invite you to search the industry principles on our web thoroughly and if interested contact us for more information.