Quicksummer Entertainment LLC


Cope with risks

The potential return for this investment is predictable. The potential return is not based on the creative aspects of the production of the films, therefore you know that you make your money back, even if a film is not launched. You will find from our cash flow projections, that we have structured this company to provide potential return higher then usual with a prompt traditional turnaround. In addition this being a good investment this may possibly be a fun thing for you to be involved in.

I want you to know, that I don’t want anyone leaving this site without understanding this real thoroughly. I have never done this before. Because of this you have a liability of risk (Risk Factors in 504) that we need you to understand. The only thing I can give you to offset to that is, that this is really vitally important to me and to my company. I have dedicated my life to doing this. Because it is so important, the document prepared for you represents a lot of thought and a lot of prayer in my part on what is really going to succeed. I may be able to stand the loss for myself, but I couldn’t stand the loss for other people, this is really important to me.

Now you need to know also, I am suggesting, that I am going to develop 3 motion pictures. I have no clue what those pictures are going to be. I have some pictures in mind, I have one property, that I would like to produce, but because I haven’t been to the industry yet, I am not going to commit to it, and that is why I haven’t referenced it in this document. I want it to stand the test against the best that the industry has to show me. If you look at the activity projection on page 8, then you see that I got 4 month of reading before I am going to decide on the first property. I am going to have readers on staff, they are going to look at material, they are going to pass things to me and people on my staff are going to analyze them. I believe that I can find during that 4 month a property, that I want to produce that is worth of my effort and the investment of this partnership. But right now it may seem kind of unusual proposition. I am suggesting, that I am going to develop 3 motion pictures in the next 36 month and right now I have not decided what they are.

We are confident, that our criteria of the stories our motion pictures will tell are in high demand. We know that we are capable of bringing about wonderful films. Being well grounded in the conventional entertainment business and in its industry standards we are committed to a wholesome and edifying code of production. The success of pictures will establish us in this industry and we are committed to extreme alliance and diligence. Resonance Pictures, LP is vitally important to us and much hinges on its progress.