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Show your thoroughly prepared motion picture projects to selected firms or to the public

Idea Generating and E-pitching Center (I-GEC) will in time be needed services for the majors: studios, development and production companies, as well for any creative individuals immersed in the industry system.

I would think there are plenty of people who bother the majors constantly with rash and raw projects without realizing it. When an idea flames ones heart, and there is a great rush to develop the project, it needs to be thoroughly analyzed and balanced between the artistic and business principles. This needs to be done prior to the presenting of it to the industry. For some films it may just not be the right time, for some, one will find that it has already "been made", or it just won’t qualify by some of the principles that need to be considered. We help you recognize these principles by working through the functions we have provided for you.

If you produce a trailer that is exceptional, it needs to portray the potential of being made in to a motion picture. If you decide to use our service there would be some exceptional motion pictures to come out of the collaborative effort, and there would be less jar on the industry’s nerves. Rather then being disappointed with the Hollywood system you can go through the e-pitching function, which provides a fair competition or the sharing of your works with the industry target that you would like to pitch it to.

E-pitching function is the next step of idea generator, this is where a developer has produced a trailer on media carrier and is looking for co-producers, distribution commitments, development financing or for feedback on his project. For this function we have virtually unlimited space to store movie trailers that have not had a fair chance to be pitched at a major studio or any larger developer. Prior to the recording of the film/video trailer on our web the developer (pitch provider) needs to fill in the blanks of a certain formula and analysis that would prove the idea and project valuable. This is accomplished through the web based calculation model, which you can enter hereafter. If a project proves valuable according to studio output deal calculation, or through presale calculation, our selected committee of industry executives will view it. The pitch provider notifies on the entry form who they will allow to view their presentation: specified studio, all major studios, production companies, writing agencies, or general public. A password is provided for the viewer when public access is limited. The developer will know what stage of review his/her project is by looking at the web: 1. accepted for viewing, 2. waiting to be viewed, 3. viewed - can be of interest to ... 4. viewed - we like it, we contact you for further discussion 5. Viewed 50 times - comments included. 6. viewed - subject for forum. 7. viewed - not interested. The access of the pitch can be changed to target a different industry group. If the pitch you wish to provide is not fit for this web or not ready for certain target group you will be informed of it, or asked additional questions concerning the property prior to posting.

The system is based on trust and good will of each party: the pitch provider, webmaster, and viewer. The litigious nature of the film-industry may be an obstacle for the best of us to contribute and participate in this venture. My suggestion to you is to put us to a test, try us with something that you don’t mind giving away for free, if you make us a gift we hope to make a gift for you. It is however possible that someone will see your pitch when you make your information accessible for general public and they may use it without contacting you first. If you give it away as a gift, you set the system as based on the principle of "giving and receiving". Hopefully the one who likes your work is as kind as you are, and will contact you. You provide your works under two general settings: 1. Free as air, 2. Not free as air.
Even ideas are not free as air, unless you here say that yours are, it applies also to your pitching materials. Good projects are most valuable and always looked for, and we are committed to protect your property on best effort bases. We keep the pitches as secure as possible, yet, the pitch provider also has to deem us not responsible for whatever happens with the e-pitch when they are displayed on quicksummer.com.

This function will be available in a little while. You are welcome to contact us, and we gladly let you know when we are ready with this service.