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QuickSummer.com Management & Translation

Be part of the process and have ownership of your own quicksummer.com affiliate.

If you have knowledge of a third country's potential or of a state in your country for further developing its film industry or if you are a citizen of that country or state, you are invited to, if needed translate QSE web into your language, provide filming information of that region by the sample we have provided under International - Estonia link, and own and manage it. We have parts of the site that are personal to us that you may want to develop on your own, or we can find ways for co-production.

At the moment, quicksummer.com is available in Estonian (www.welcome.quicksummer.com) and English (www.quicksummer.com). Industry information is available about The United States in general under industry tag and in the body of the site, information is also provided about Estonia under international category.