Quicksummer Entertainment LLC

Liquidation Model

Analyse creative aspects of motion pictures and calculate their potential earnings

Calculator helps to analyze the standard gross of motion pictures according to similar, previously produced pictures. The calculator has been added the functions of creative analysis and a system to estimate producing pre-requirements prior to development. Target audience analysis is part of it. Producer, who uses this sophisticated formula, based on the presale system and other instructions of QuickSummer, may be certain of the success of his/her films. But that only if he/she uses all the necessary skills adored by film-industry and has a fully financed development for a slate of prospective pictures. These films can not be committed for development or production prior to major studio distribution interest or the green light from the distributor, and other possible partners in the industry.

All the instructions for using the liquidation model are included in the blank form, as well on each of the sample projects analyzed by us. In the formula, each cell including a red corner would have a comment. We are the only ones, who have ever in the film industry provided so complete solution for estimating major motion picture projects for free. We hope it is of use to you.

On this web based system will be sailing two other functions: Idea generator and E-pitching.