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Estonia and Major Industry

Having some experience

Estonia has had minor junctions with the motion picture industry. We have been so far and away for so long from the mainstream filmmaking that the films have been made for fun and for cultural benefit with deeper meaning. No intention to earn back the spent finances in distribution has often crossed the filmmakers mind due to the size of the country. This may have its benefits: the skills have developed over the years and we have built up the potential for successful motion picture business in the country with distinct freshness. If so, then this is still a virgin group of filmmakers, who would like to score. These are filmmakers who adore sincerity in its true meaning. They are what they are, they don’t gimmick, and they don’t cheat, and don’t expect to be cheated. Maybe they could put a bit more muscle and dynamics in their works, and they will eventually desire and have the capacity to do that. I believe that the heart is there and this being the main organ for filmmakers makes a great difference.