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Why Motion Picture Industry for a Small Country?

And why not?

  1. It has been said that "Motion Pictures Made America". I personally believe, that films can make almost any country noticeable, needed, and important in the world context. News is what triggers the investors activity. Motion picture is a news about country, its people, and culture. For America this news in most cases is global respect and even adoration. Film industry may in some cases be better opportunity to invest then the stock market. Films hold, renew, and change the reputation of a country, America has used this most impressively. The United States motion picture industry system is in a way far ahead of the rest of the world, and is a global network. The network is open for anyone to participate in, even for the small in size.
  2. Film industry progresses well also during the more difficult economic times, as the need for people to escape reality increases, and this is one of the best ways to release stress. People have a natural thirst for movies that is as real as a thirst during a hot summer day. This natural thirst is increased constantly with the opening of media campaigns in a lot of media windows separately for each film. To create a true thirst for a small country, the resources of the major industry are important to attach. The development financing of the country's group of pictures would be arranged by themselves, but the production budget in a sise of mid seven figure amount is orchestrated in the system of distribution studio, bank, completion bond guarantee, and the law firm. This is safe only in this setup, as in this case the return of the invested development funds and engaging distribution can be most certin. I have no doubt, that several small countries are not an exception here, they have people who are capable of creating this thirst for their country and are able to take it to the rest of the world.
  3. Most of the countries are experienced in developing global projects. Motion pictures being the art of arts, encompassing in itself selectively the rest of the arts has also the greatest appeal of them all. Film industry develops often faster then other fields because of its quick turnaround and creative nature. This may be the cause for why it is called the industry, and is often the standard example for other industries to learn from. The artistic skills can serve the needs of state and its people when they fill their functions properly. It must be noted, that only the US based major industry model that is followed by several European producers, (also by Quicksummer) reckon the needs of the marketplace and the industry. The developing of 3 motion pictures by a small country is doable. You may want to compare it to other major projects, that you have already succeeded with in your country. The main thing is to do everything right at the first time. To let anyone destroy the reputation of approaching the industry in a premature manner is unacceptable. The detail in the preparations must be imense, only then can the art of arts surprise us with open doors and good opportunities.
  4. The benefit of industrially producing the first films would contain of the following: 1. Gross receipts. 2. Brand development, but not as much on the bases of what we film in our country, but rather on what they did. We are noted for as, what have they actually accomplished, how do they think, what kind of choices did they make: do they like the bawdy songs or the classics. Only the fact, that the films were produced inside the major industry system and were triggered from your country, would seem as an impossible task for most to fill. 3. In popularizing some of the countries sights. It has been thought, that some countries may not have much to offer the world. I believe all regions are unique and have jewels that have not been discovered. In Estonia it is for example the Hanseatic towns. 4. The skills learned by filmmakers in the process. 5. In developing the technical base for the industry. 6. Becoming under the attention of the major film industry. 7. Quickening of the economic growth.
  5. Motion picture industry does not have to have a marginal role in the smaller countries. This industrial sector may have been distant to us and we may not even have know from which end to start to approach it. We hope Quicksummer has built you this bridge that you have not had so far. Even the majority of the producers in the US don't know the intrinsic workings of the industry. Anyone approaching it should use the right keys to do it.

Sample QSE affiliate: Welcome Entertainment

How to set up the industry in your area?

Three Alternatives:

  1. In a small country it may be possible to tap in to risk capital funds, and have the development part owned by the government. Welcome Entertainment, would be the parent company's affiliate in that country.
  2. Small countries may combine their efforts for development and collaborate on the principle of Split Rights transactions. Read more. Welcome Entertainment, would be the parent company's affiliate in these countries.
  3. If development is financed by private investors found by the parent company, in this case QuickSummer. Welcome Entertainment, would be the parent company's affiliate in country selected for co-production.

QuickSummer needs to be registered in the United States as Limited Liability Company, otherways anyone outside the US could not participate in it.

It would be wise to remember, that there is no point to reinvent the industry. Following specific culture and respecting industry principles creates respect in return. The fact, that someone has the industry engine working right is a big news.

In the entertainment industry everything is entertainment, but on a higher, coded plane. Even if one has this code, it is not enough, it needs to be put in to practice.