Quicksummer Entertainment LLC

QuickSummer Entertainment, LLC.

Mission, business- and artistic principles

Mission Statement

March 7, 2004

Our artistic and business qualities are united to inspire this world through entertainment.

1. Business Profile

  1. QuickSummer Entertainment, LLC. (QSE) is an independent motion picture production company, patterning its operation after the, elite motion picture production companies in the United States. Good examples would be Morgan Creek, Castle Rock and Imagine.

  2. We act as a subcontractor exclusively for the seven major studios: Buena Vista, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, MGM/UA, Universal, Sony, and Warner Brosers, letting them perform our domestic theatrical distribution.

  3. Before optioning a literary property, engaging pre-sales and formal approach to a major studio, QSE researches thoroughly every property, its business characteristics, timing for release, target audience, comparative pictures, major talent, and creative attributes.

  4. If a picture does not make business sense to major studios and is not green-lit at its first try we drop it and choose another literary property.

  5. The production of our pictures is always financed through major industry bank liens of credit, collaterized by foreign and domestic distribution agreements through pre-sale, gap, and equity finance strategies, and a completion bond.

  6. Our production team for major global success is assembled from seasoned members qualifying in inclusive, exclusive, or freelance relationships with us as: Principal(s), Partial Owners (other shareholders), Members of the Board of Directors, Operations Directors, Development Directors, Major Studios, Completion Bond Companies, Unit Production Managers, Pre-sale Entities, Entertainment Industry Banks, Entertainment Law Firms and Publicists.

  7. QSE production company can house multiple development and producing companies.

  8. QSE development companies are invited to partner with sophisticated private or corporate investors in a relationship of a limited partnership.

  9. The producing of each motion picture, purchased from a development company is limited for production by a single corporate producing company.

  10. We perform our own domestic and worldwide distribution for all ancillary media windows excluding domestic theatrical, studio, and pre-sold rights.

  11. Pictures are negotiated to be marketed by a major studio for major global success, creating a strong US brand-presence through television ad campaigns, for a minimum of $ 9 KK each, and using medium tie-ins, product placement and other strategies. The whole promotion campaign is estimated to costs $12-24 KK.

  12. QSE utilizes the major film markets: AFM and Cannes.

  13. The budgets of our motion pictures are highly leveraged, reaching from $ 20 to $ 60 KK.

  14. Although motion pictures are our primary business QSE does not limit itself only to such projects, when other appropriate entertainment ventures come to our attention.

  15. All employees are encouraged to become exceptionally savvy, innovative, and skilled individuals who approach this industry with total soberness and outstanding business acumen while extending QSE's respected reputation.

  16. Safety is a high priority in the work place. We train and expect our employees to work both safely and productively.

  17. We deal with our employees, clients, suppliers and other associates ethically, clearly, fairly, and without discrimination.

  18. We assist selected worthwhile charitable and civic ventures in the communities in which we work.

  19. We learn extensively and selectively from the sophisticated entertainment executives in the mainstream of the film industry.

  20. Conflicts of any type will be avoided or resolved by peaceful negotiation between the conflicting parties. If necessary, we will use outside arbitration.

2. Artistic Profile

  1. The standard of 'A' motion pictures is our norm. An 'A' picture for us is determined by the harmony of all audience, visual, audio, and literary qualities focused on the theme of the property .The unity of cast and crew towards this focus is essential.

  2. Every literary property considered for production has to qualify in areas of entertainment power, high concept, high intensity, "page turner, story wholeness, and story and character continuity.

  3. For us to decide to produce or be involved in producing a certain property, we must be fascinated with the story, its vitality, and the worthwhile principles it teaches.

  4. The head of each production department, representing cast or crewmembers is to offer appropriate suggestions and support to the director regarding his or her vision of the concept.

  5. Creative production departments shall do their own formalist analysis and breakdowns, considering principles of their responsibility, in relation to the Aristotelian structure analysis provided by the director, to prevent Affective Fallacies.

  6. Our creative division researches universal principles in relation to cinema, drama, music, communication, literature and design.

  7. Product placement is suggested as long as it doesn't detract from the creative aspects and intentions of the motion picture.

  8. We aim to produce PG and PG-13 rated pictures, because of their highest box office gross and widest target audience.

  9. All QSE motion Pictures reflect the time of their production even if the action takes place in a different time period.